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Outfits for Perfect Summer Weekend Getaways

Your summer weekends should be all about comfort and style.

Picture yourself on a beachside escape in a Champagne Breeze Dress, paired with Macaroon Sandals. A statement earrings make the look effortlessly chic, perfect for those laid-back coastal vibes. For those sunny beach days, our women’s swimsuit collection is just what you need to elevate your beach style. Whether you prefer a two-piece swimsuit or a classic one-piece, you'll find something perfect.
Travel in style with outfits that combine elegance and comfort for your summer adventures
For resort living, vibrant Key Biscayne shorts and a LOVE WINS T-shirt scream effortless elegance. Embellished sandals and a wide-brim hat complete the look, while a carry me bag and oversized sunglasses add the final glamorous touch for poolside lounging or beachside brunches. To nail the resort style, don’t miss our women’s swimsuit collection, designed to elevate your vacation wardrobe. Embrace a season filled with timeless style and charm, where every moment is a chance to show off your refined taste and impeccable fashion sense.
Embrace Timeless Elegance with an Old Money Summer Wardrobe

This summer, step into the effortless elegance of Old Money style. Imagine lazy weekends in the Hamptons or charming picnics in Provence, where classic styles and elegant fabrics tell a story of heritage and grace.

Picture yourself in a Mokka short-sleeve top with wide-leg trousers, a silk camisole that feels like a soft whisper against your skin, and leather loafers for that understated chic. Add an oversized sunglasses, and you’re channeling Riviera glamour without even trying.

For a seaside stroll, how about a Hedonist top with relaxed cashmere Promenade pants and comfy espadrilles? Top it off with a pochette handbag, and you’re all set for a stylish day by the water.

Discover Daytime Elegance for Summertime

Make your everyday summer style effortlessly elegant with outfits that blend modern vibes with timeless charm. Picture yourself at a garden party in Ideal Fit pants and an Afternoon top, finished with a pair of comfy macaroon sandals. This look is all about being stylishly refined without trying too hard. For more wardrobe inspiration, check out our women’s fashion collection, designed to enhance your style with ease.

Our curated gift ideas for women offer perfect picks for celebrating special moments with elegance and charm.


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