In February 1999, I went down the stairs of the plane to Italian soil to dive head-on into the world of Italian fashion. I got a cup of strong but delicious espresso on the sunny terrace and started to discover the Italian lifestyle secret.

I’ve seen Italian people slow down from the hustle and bustle of the week. Since that period Sunday has always been my favorite day. Many years after I’ve made different projects in my life, became a mom of 3 children, and got the feeling that modern women in big cities have so many roles that even Sunday doesn’t give enough relaxation and “me time” after a busy week.

I wanted to create clothing that is soft for delicate skin, giving love through the touch. This is how the idea of COSY SUNDAY was born.

Whether you’re a mother getting their kids off to school and taking care of the household, a working woman rushing to start the day, or any type of woman in between, picking out your outfit shouldn’t be complicated. That’s where COSY SUNDAY comes into play to make your weekend better – to solve the question of not just looking good, but essentially feeling good.

Our new brand embodies slow fashion ideology into a lifestyle utilizing natural delicate materials and doesn’t compromise with synthetic blends.
My personal vision is to be true to the people. Historically famous textile center Lake Como became the perfect place for us to grow as it is the right mix of ethical production, style, and Italian heritage. We believe in human connection sending you in our clothes the soul of rare artisan production and love from this beautiful country.

Northern Italian producers are appreciated for their high-quality fabrics and I am proud to say that almost all garments and accessories used in COSY SUNDAY satisfy the requirements of biodegradable or recyclable processes.

From the beginning, we set advanced standards of a 100% sustainable approach. Read more about it on the sustainability page.

Your perception of others and the environment begins with you, which is why we want our clothing to nourish your self-love.

For a sustainable outlook on life.


In an era of fast, fleeting fashion and machine-automated designs, COSY SUNDAY dares to be more with our wholehearted dedication to skilled artisans, luxury-quality products, and beloved Italian influence, all empowered by a community of phenomenal, revolutionary women around the world.

The philosophy behind our collection is to give sensitive skin a gentle touch through clothes, while never sacrificing details, luxury, and authenticity.

Rooted in essential Italian style, COSY SUNDAY opens the doors to a new generation of luxury for the modern woman seeking style, comfort, sustainability, and of course, something luxurious enough to satiate their desire for a little “me time”.

We understand and aim to promote the importance of self-love, taking time for oneself’s well-being, and recharging. The lifestyle of a modern woman is more strenuous than ever, and through our clothing we wanted to create safe heaven, where you can bask in soft fabrics and elegant designs, to relax and take care of yourself.


100% ethically made in Italy

from the most delicate Italian fabrics available. We bring our customers to a new era of fashion based on transparency and sustainability. We are inspiring customers to be more eco-conscious.