COSY SUNDAY offers complimentary shipping for any item you’d like to return from EU countries, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In our continuous effort to keep our brand 100% sustainable, while bringing the swiftest and most effortless shopping experience to our customers, we must limit free returns from International customers. We are working on finding a sustainable solution for our clients overseas. At this time, return operations from locations outside the EU or Switzerland, including the United Arab Emirates are not supported.

Returns Policy

All products must be returned within 14 days, in an unused state and in the original packaging (fiber dustbag, box), with tags attached to them (including the COSY SUNDAY security green tag). We reserve the right not to accept the item if it shows considerable wear, damage, or any other alteration to its original form. This may otherwise reflect in a reduction in the refund accordingly.

Some circumstances which will lead to reductions are:

The item has been used, worn, damaged, or washed. The COSY SUNDAY tags were not attached to the product when it was returned. The COSY SUNDAY security tag (Neon Green) was not attached to the product when it was returned. Any integral part of the packaging, such as the fiber dustbag, has not been returned.

We will contact you if an issue arises with your refund for any of these reasons. If we cannot carry out the refund in full, we do offer the possibility to have the items shipped to you at your own expense.

In the event that the purchased item does not satisfy you and you would like to exchange it for a different item (not just a different size), we invite you to return the item to gain credit on the website and use it to purchase your desired item. You will receive the entirety of the amount spent originally as long as the requirements specified above are satisfied.

Please note that if it is noticed that a suspicious amount of your orders are being returned, we reserve the right to deny you the use of the Returns and Exchanges service in the future. You will be informed at the moment that the decision is taken. This is done to prevent fraudulent activity and help us maintain a sustainable profile. We thank you for your understanding.

Refund Timing

If you request a refund when you return your items, you can expect the full amount to be returned to your bank account (from which the payment originated) in the original currency of the payment within 5-10 business days. Depending on your location and/or bank, the refund may take longer to reach you, however, we will always dispatch it within the indicated time frame.

Please note that a refund of the entire order amount is subject to an inspection of the garments you have returned. We reserve the right to reduce the amount refunded to you if there are signs of use, damage, or missing packaging (details located above).

Furthermore, if your order did not qualify for free shipping (subject to this Shipping and Returns Policy) we will not be able to refund the delivery costs as they are paid to our fulfilment partners, who perform rapid and sustainable deliveries to our clients worldwide. Our pursuit of sustainability includes fair compensation for our partners, and we thank you for your understanding. For any situation, please contact our Customer Care team.

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