merino wool, silk
AED 3 070

Discover a testament to softness and style. These pants are meticulously crafted from a select blend that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing elegance. Embrace the ultimate in luxury knitwear with COSY SUNDAY’s VIP collection, where every piece is a reflection of sophisticated taste and a commitment to unparalleled quality. Available in sophisticated colors that enhance the garment’s luxurious appeal.



• Luxurious Blend: Experience the unparalleled union of merino wool’s warmth and the rich luster of silk, offering both aesthetics and functionality.

• Modern Tailoring: These trousers provide a blend of relaxed and structured silhouettes, ensuring they complement various occasions.

• Thermally Adaptive: Benefit from merino wool’s natural insulating properties coupled with silk’s lightweight breathability, making these trousers versatile for different seasons.

• Subtle Elegance: The infusion of silk offers a delicate sheen and smooth texture, subtly elevating the trousers’ overall look and feel.

• Built to Last: With merino wool’s renowned durability and silk’s strength, these trousers promise longevity while maintaining their premium finish.

• A piece that embodies luxury, comfort, and modern style. A sophisticated addition to the discerning man’s wardrobe

How to Wear:

Elegant Ensemble: Combine with the COSY SUNDAY VIP Cardigan for a harmonious, luxurious look.

Urban Chic: Match with a simple tee and statement sneakers for a casual, yet sophisticated urban outfit.


70% merino wool, 30% silk

Washing Instructions

dry clean



Size Guide

available sizes: S – XXL
comfortable fit

model is 180 cm tall, wearing size XL


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