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Echoing the beloved elegance and comfort of the Promenade Pants, these shorts bring the same luxurious feel and sophisticated design to a classic Bermuda silhouette. Designed for those who seek a blend of casual sophistication and luxurious comfort, the Short Promenade offers a relaxed fit that doesn’t compromise on fashion or quality. Perfect for year-round enjoyment, these Bermuda shorts are an investment quality item in personal style and comfort.

The Short Promenade by COSY SUNDAY redefines luxury casual wear, offering a sophisticated option for those who value comfort and style in equal measure. Whether you’re heading to the beach or enjoying a weekend in the city, these Bermuda shorts are sure to become a cherished part of your wardrobe.



• Rare Craftsmanship: a testament to rare, luxurious craftsmanship in menswear.

• Supreme Softness: Dive into the unparalleled softness of premium cashmere, a touch that elevates every moment of wear.

• Elegance Redefined: Designed for the discerning man, these shorts blend casual comfort with an aura of upscale sophistication.

• Durability Meets Delicacy: While cashmere is known for its delicate nature, these shorts are constructed to offer durability.

• Seasonal Versatility: Whether lounging at home during winter or stepping out on a mild evening, these shorts adapt seamlessly to varying temperatures due to cashmere’s insulating properties.

How to Wear:

Seaside Sophistication: Pair with a linen shirt and loafers for an effortlessly elegant seaside ensemble.

Urban Elegance: Match with a fitted polo or a lightweight sweater and sneakers for a city-chic casual look.

Relaxed Luxury: Combine with a COSY SUNDAY silk- cashmere blend Polo for the ultimate in comfort and style, perfect for leisurely weekend outings or relaxed gatherings.

96% cashmere, 4% elastane

Washing Instructions

dry clean



Size Guide

available sizes: S – XXL
comfortable fit

model is 180 cm tall, wearing size XL


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