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Meet Our Founder OLGA FLORIDA
Discover the Inspiring Story full of Italian love

Italy greeted me with the aroma of its strongest but most delicious espresso. When I first arrived in 1998, it felt like a glimpse into the authentic Italy, a world filled with style, scents, scenes.

But beneath the surface charm, I found myself in the heart of the Italian fashion world. It was a place where craftsmanship wasn’t just a skill; it was an art form. I was lucky to have the opportunity to witness the work of skilled artisans in the industry firsthand, be alongside them, and ask questions. I gained insights that would later prove invaluable.

Everyday of my early experience in the heart of the fashion world, I was exited to be there and learn. Among the bustling streets and alleys, I realized I had to return someday with my own vision. I continued my studies in culture and aesthetics back in my home country, applying the knowledge I had gained from my Italian colleagues.

Brand Soul
idea for COSY SUNDAY
My life wasn't all about glamor and inspiration

I was thrown into all kinds of challenges as I was moving countries and became a mother of three. Balancing family and personal dreams wasn’t just difficult; it was often overwhelming. There were moments of self-doubt, times when it seemed impossible to balance my passion with my family’s needs.

It was during these moments of struggle that I discovered the true meaning of self-love and the need for a healing touch. In the midst of chaos, I found comfort in life’s simple yet profound pleasures – the embrace of a warm hug of a loved one, the sense of security that home provides.

That’s when the idea for COSY SUNDAY was born. My dream was to create a brand that offered not just clothing but a source of comfort and healing. I wanted to provide, to as many people as possible, an everyday experience that would foster self-love and offer refuge even during the most trying times.

Brand Soul
where history and luxury intertwine
charming Italian city of Como

As I nurtured the dream of creating COSY SUNDAY, I searched for the perfect place to bring this vision to life. Fate led me to Como, an enchanting Italian town that understood the value of self-care and treasured weekends as special times. Here, together with the local artisans, I envisioned crafting weekend wear that would feel like a warm hug for the soul.

highest quality fabrics
Our clothes are not merely attire; they are sensory experiences.

We work with the highest quality fabrics, scientifically shown to improve both your wellbeing and mental state. My desire is to offer people a healing touch, regardless of their role in life – whether a parent, a professional, or anyone in between.

I invite you to explore our collection and immerse yourself in the comfort, elegance, and love woven into every thread. With COSY SUNDAY, we want you to know that you’re not just buying clothing; you’re gaining a piece of Italy’s heart.

piece of the heart of Italy
No matter where you are in the world, you will always be loved in COSY SUNDAY.

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