Experience True Italian Luxury

Vacation Capsule

COSY SUNDAY offers a valuable range of vacation clothing. Our garments are light, and wrinkle-free, making them easy to pack and travel with. A capsule collection – all of our pieces will complement each other and your existing wardrobe. Minimalist in design, but maximalist in quality, the collection is versatile but offers no compromise. It integrates well with most vacation hot spots, from Italy to the Mediterranean to the rest of Europe and the world.


Effortless Elegance

By working with Italian artisans we have achieved an elevated, clean and luxurious look to match your lifestyle, independently of where you find yourself. Our clothing embodies the Italian desire to look good at all times, without excessive effort. Look effortlessly elegant in any dreamy landscape you may find yourself on vacation.

Complimenting Your Personal Style

COSY SUNDAY would like to encourage you to choose what is flattering based on the unique personal style that you’re comfortable with. From tailored and form-fitting garments to baggier, relaxed and breathable clothing. Our collection is aimed at helping you ease into a more relaxed pace of being on vacation while staying within the design language and aesthetic that you´re used to at home or during the week.​

Maximised Versatility​

A capsule wardrobe implies getting a lot of versatility out of a few items. Our collection presents a range of staples, which can be dressed up or down to suit most vacation activities. A truly international style, our seasonless range covers everything, from the beach to the mountains.


Unmatched Comfort

We pride ourselves in our clothing’s unique soft feel on the skin. The combination of physical and emotional comfort that our clothing creates, results in a unique feeling of tactile wellness. The laid-back fit, combined with rare materials of superior quality, produces clothing that you will truly want to live in.