A New Vision of Luxury

Spirit of Lake Como

COSY SUNDAY was born from the artisanal and cultural hub that is Lake Como. We were inspired by both the history and the culture of the place to create a collection made for leisure. Como has a heritage of silk production, being in business since the 13th century. Our brand works with artisans, whose craftsmanship is recognized as the best quality in the fashion industry.


Our Philosophy of New Luxury

The result is a collection of sustainable luxury leisurewear. Suited to your lifestyle, made of the finest Italian materials and entirely sustainable. Each garment was created with a unique feel in mind. We want every time you wear COSY SUNDAY to be a time you feel balanced, successful and loved.

Fashion Week Appearance

We debuted at Milan Fashion Week 2023, with a showroom on Via Manzoni. Our brand was covered by over a dozen Italian publications, with a widely positive response. There has been no brand so far that cares as much about its quality as sustainability. We choose both. The industry appreciates our formula, so we’re excited to bring it to you. We are the new luxury – modern, Italian, uncompromising.

A Unique Way of Expressing Yourself

COSY SUNDAY is a highly exclusive, luxury niche brand. These days more and more people are catching onto trends, making it difficult to stand out and communicate your style in a unique way. Our collection is contemporary, but infused with the Italian spirit we all love. We are inspired by the past, and mindful of the future. All while helping you enjoy every moment.

A Sustainable Choice

Fashion is increasingly heading in a more sustainable direction, and we are pioneers. Our clothing and production process is sustainable, with our fabrics being recyclable or biodegradable and our factories being powered by green energy. Each of our garments comes with a digital passport, giving you full transparency about its origin. While there is no sustainable way to fly yet, there is a sustainable way to dress well.